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As both a therapist and an artist ...


My journey has profoundly shaped my approach to therapy. Specializing in trauma, grief, chronic pain, and attachment injuries, I use various approaches, drawing from existential and humanist principles. My own experiences with trauma and Ankylosing Spondylitis, an inflammatory autoimmune disease, have deeply influenced my perspective on suffering and healing. As an artist, I've always sought to explore the depths of the human condition through my figurative artwork. Despite the limitations imposed by my arthritic condition, which has reduced my ability to create art, my passion for creativity continues to inform my therapeutic practice.

I integrate creative practices in my therapy sessions to foster inner harmony and promote healing. Drawing on my intuitive and aesthetic sensibilities, I use poetry, film, literature, music, and other art forms as metaphors that resonate deeply with each client's unique experiences. By encouraging clients to engage in imaginative exploration, I offer them the freedom to envision new narratives and potential realities. This creative space evokes childhood's wonder and psychological flexibility, enabling clients to challenge and transform maladaptive beliefs and behaviors. This approach fosters a sense of meaning and purpose, even amidst suffering, while promoting mindful awareness and self-compassion. My commitment to creativity, authenticity, wisdom, and freedom drives my dedication to helping clients heal and transform, providing them with a unique and enriching therapeutic experience.

Selected Artwork

Carl Jung's shadow archetype refers to the hidden, repressed facets of our personality. These aspects include both highly emotional and primal tendencies, as well as positive qualities like natural instincts and creative impulses, often concealed from the social world by the conscious mind. Artists frequently explore this realm, delving into the hidden parts of our psyche and examining their relation to and influence on society. Much of the work below reflects the artist's journey into the shadow.

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